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  • As a triathlete for over 20 years and a first time purchaser of any indoor training bike, I was confused/so many bikes on the market. I notified Ja... Read More »
  • I had so many questions about moving my retirement account into precious metals and Mitch was able to explain everything thoroughly. Although I was... Read More »
  • Mitch was extremely helpful when walking me through the entire process of moving current IRA into precious metals. Highly recommend! Read More »
  • Marc was great! Very Patient with me as this is my first experience buying metals. He made it very easy to understand and guided me through the who... Read More »
  • Cameron is extremely helpful! He was patient with me. He was showing me everything I needed to know about gold and IRA! 5 stars recommended. Read More »
  • Joe and his staff did a great job of detailing the job out to my wife and I and his work is outstanding. My driveway and retaining walls and steps... Read More »
  • Güzeloba mh. Rauf Denktas Blv, 07230 Muratpasa/Antalya, Turkey ***ALERT**** *** BE CAREFUL WITH DENTAL CENTRE TURKEY *****... Read More »
  • Very helpful and He explained everything that I needed and wanted to know. If you did not have the man as an employee I was considering on trying a... Read More »
  • I can’t say enough about the exceptional friendly and personable customer service I experienced with David Delany. David is generous in giving valu... Read More »
  • They are fast and its easy to send them you stuff but I wasn't all that happy with the offer but something is better than nothing right? I may have... Read More »
  • For such a tiny purchase, replacing my missing key was as seamless as I could have ever expected (right down to explaining the hinge clip details a... Read More »
  • I had a great experience speaking with Richard at Advantage Gold. I have been considering investing in gold for a while and was able to thoroughly... Read More »
  • I have used Charles at C&A Transmissions any time I've had transmission issues, aside from that he is well versed in all aspects of motor vehicles.... Read More »
  • BHG gave me great customer service and put their proposal in front of me swiftly and hassle-free, as promised. Didn't harm my credit score and the... Read More »
  • Pretty sure some of the 5 stars reviews are their own folks - use them at your own risk. the only database vendor (vendor refer to company or agen... Read More »
  • Sell your gold is so easy to use. It is very fast and very good offers. I ordered my kit and had it the next day. I mailed my package and had my of... Read More »
  • I was $10,000+ back on student loans to the point if I filed taxes they get took to pay back my loans. I opened my Credit Karma and my student loan... Read More »
  • I have been going here for 3 yrs now and HIGHLY recommend this place as it is best dentistry Keller! Dr S is awesome! Had a cleaning with Amy yeste... Read More »
  • I would conduct business again with DoctorsInternet they are a true marketing agency that gets the work done. I was nervous not knowing what to exp... Read More »
  • Amazing service and professionalism! Great clinic, nice location and amazing staff, which is super important! Recommend! Read More »
  • i had to send courier in urgency, I contacted with M3Couriers they couriered my product in a same day. very happy with the service. Read More »
  • Thank you so much Arrow Asphalt you have done excellent work and your service is appreciable. Read More »
  • Last week has been a learning experience working with our consultant Lawrence. Not the cheapest company but you get what you pay for. I might end u... Read More »
  • DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS STORE!!! scammers, rude, they will take your money and then let you know that your item will arrive in 4 months. very un... Read More »
  • I purchased a dress for my daughter on line. I had initially selected a large but my daughter had me change it to a medium. The on-line order showe... Read More »
  • It was great working with Mr Beadle this past month. I can honestly say that he has helped us execute all the recommendations and procedures outlin... Read More »
  • It was the first time that I sold my gold online. They provide free express shipment material and one person cached up with me early after I made a... Read More »
  • Overall a great a great experience. I had never known how to acquire physical gold and silver inside of my portfolio. What seemed would be a pro... Read More »
  • I usually do not just throw around terms like exceptional but our experience with this company has warranted it's usage. I originally had them set... Read More »
  • I hope to book more flights with ASAP Tickets in the nearest future if situation allows. Travel agent Martin is like a family to me and a person I... Read More »
  • As always West Keller Dental has provided outstanding care. Everyone I've dealt with has been very accommodating even when I've been a little on th... Read More »
  • Had the pleasure of working with James at Advantage Gold. Great information, education, and customer service. Thanks for all your help!! Read More »
  • I think I would recommend this place to anyone,, the stud earrings I received arrived in a very nice small black box and the diamond studs themselv... Read More »
  • I received an e-mail stating I needed to go in and change my payment method for my Order Number TF-406771 in order for it to be processed. I did a... Read More »
  • Kevin Louis provided me with amazing assistance. He answered all of my questions and if he didn't know the answer to them, he went and found it usi... Read More »
  • Kudos to Jason who was very helpful on Fri evening! I knew I wanted a spin cycle, but did not know which brand & model. Because of the Wimmer YouTu... Read More »
  • They always have fast and accurate service when selling a product Read More »
  • This complaint is about me having a pool and spa with two landings built with Swimming Pools of Florida. The design that was put together in their... Read More »
  • Can’t say enough about Travis and the rest of the team at Advantage Gold! He helped me understand each step of the process and when I buy gold, the... Read More »
  • What can I say about DoctorsInternet?! Their web design team performed great with my business website! Great company to deal with and fair pricing.... Read More »
  • Im not a fan of dentists but this one is the best dentistry in Keller. I commute from Bedford all the way to West Keller Dental. and trust me its w... Read More »
  • Very clean, and professional service! Dr. Irene Bokser explained everything very well and made you calm. The place itself is clean and calm atmosph... Read More »
  • i would highly recommend this online program to anyone having to go through parenting course . . found it remembering my own childhood and helping... Read More »
  • please don"t trust this company theye are say some do some just part how make money after you cancel still charge 10 out of 0 lots of good company... Read More »
  • I have done business with Sell Your Gold approximately 4 times. It is fast, easy, and fair. Read More »
  • Best dentist in Keller, Texas the service. Read More »
  • I learned a lot about the program and how to manage my anger and stress so it does not affect those around me. Read More »
  • Scott Denissen and David Arnold did a great job and I couldn’t be more pleased. They kept me informed every step of the way from loan initiation to... Read More »
  • Bought and installed board and the tv is back in operation. Read More »
  • The quickest and easiest way to make some money on items I had no use for! Everyone that I spoke to was courteous and everything was completed in t... Read More »
  • A scam all the way - from the "verbal contract" to the last minute charges - delays, horrible customer service, overcharges, items that arrive brok... Read More »
  • Jared at White Jacobs will Restore Your Credit I called Jared at White Jacobs to discuss how my credit had been attacked with identity theft, massi... Read More »
  • Quick and efficient. I'm happy with the outcome Read More »
  • When we wanted to hire someone to come an do our bedroom, no one wanted to do the job because it was a small room. When Jim from Flortec called he... Read More »
  • DO NOT TRUST A WORK YOUR REPRESENTATIVE SAYS! STAY AWAY WORKS BEST. 2 Major issues, 1) the loan will appear on your credit report after the close o... Read More »
  • Avoid this company. Owner Alex Gonzalez subcontracts your business to other companies but doesn’t pay them. Read More »
  • They take time to listen to you and work hard to get you at your best. Read More »
  • Poor quality auto parts, Broken when I received, promised to refund money and customer service has been non-responsive and did not receive a refund... Read More »
  • Thank you to Owen for being so amazing in helping with my Stages SC3 bike. He was helpful polite conscientious and diligent. Read More »
  • Bought System Mechanic Ultimate Deference and had a problem installing. Called support and they fixed me up right away. Thanks. Read More »
  • I was urgently in need of windows service contractor and then I contacted these guys. I am glad that I opted their services. They fixed the problem... Read More »
  • I was urgently in need of windows service contractor and then I contacted these guys. I am lad that I opted them. They done the work without any is... Read More »
  • Well done Seth and Arnold for created a restaurant business plan for me. Your prompt guidance and experience helped me to understand key points of... Read More »
  • Paperwork was completed very quickly, and I received my quote sooner than I would have expected. Thanks! Read More »
  • On every package we would send, we would purchase insurance from them. This happened maybe for good year. Luckily that year we purchased insurance... Read More »
  • I did a little research and seeing how much positive reviews this company had, I had to give it a shot. I bought my wife a pendant and chain from h... Read More »
  • Doug or Douglas Henkin uses fake profile photos of his work both online and craigslist. He claims to be a 30yr carpenter but doesn't lay a finger o... Read More »
  • I really liked that the flight booking and exchange processes were simple and transparent. I will return to book more tickets with ASAP! Read More »
  • Thankyou Handyman at your service, for very fast service. Handyman was friendly & professional. Its really great that they asked me to take video o... Read More »
  • Very professional crew and excellent leadership. Some first rate work, especially tiles. More than a year after the work was completed one of the t... Read More »
  • The entire process was very easy and fast. Kelly Addison gave us a list of documents to assemble and from there we sailed right through. She kept u... Read More »
  • I ordered a split unit and upon confirmation was told it would arrive in 7-10 days. The outside piece arrived on time and I was unexpectedly charge... Read More »
  • Steven Uzan was very helpful in answering all of my questions with the purchase of my Stages/SC 3 indoor bike. I was hesitant about purchasing an i... Read More »
  • Yesterday I spent a lot of time talking to Glenn Smith who was helping me through this process. He was wonderful. Literally, I think I would marry... Read More »
  • I am very pleased with my decision to give these guys a shot. They have been nothing but professional and have gone out of their way to make sure t... Read More »
  • Avoid! I ordered one item and they sent an entirely different item! No replacement and NO REFUND! They are horrible, very dishonest! I do not re... Read More »
  • we have made some significant progress over the last couple of months and we have Global to thank for much of that. We have worked closely with two... Read More »
  • When you do your classes, please pay attention to all of the checked boxes at the end of each course. They check everything so that you are getting... Read More »
  • Very happy with the website their team has created for us. From first contact we found it easy that we could speak with you directly over the phone... Read More »
  • I've been patient and professional with Dadson about a small refund since last August. Today was the last straw. I got the same defensive employee... Read More »
  • I paid for next day delivery on my order and it was delayed by three days. I could not get a response from customer service via email and every tim... Read More »
  • Thanks to David Arnold and Brandon Pratt from PrimeChoiceFunding, we have a good rate & APR for our refinanced mortgage. All documents had been sub... Read More »
  • Address:10Floor,Yuye Mansion, No877 Chengbei road,Yiwu city,Zhejiang,China. Qiqi various super factory Qiqi groupa Qiqi general merchandise co ltdQ... Read More »
  • When I received my leveback earrings I knew I could trust this company... most places I order from, the pictures dont look like the product but MIN... Read More »
  • It’s been a whole month and I’m still waiting for my background to clear. This place is unprofessional and ridiculous. I’m gonna have to move on to... Read More »
  • We have been very pleased with the progress CBS has made and people we have met over the past several weeks. Our consultant has gone above and beyo... Read More »
  • Gentle touch, extremely clean, professional office and Dr. Babich is incredibly knowledgeable. Makes going to the dentist a fun treat! Read More »
  • Hi. Thank you for accommodating my urgent translation request! There's no problem when I submitted it as it's certified by their translator! Read More »
  • I placed my order with because their website was well designed and easy to navigate. I found pricing to be reasonable and fair.... Read More »
  • Amerihope Alliance and Ms. Gross were amazing a very good job thank you Kenneth V Read More »
  • Dan was very helpful, professional and easy to work with helping me file my application. It was a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend... Read More »
  • Not even 5 minutes after applying I was contacted with approvals! I was helped by Gina, who was informative and compassionate. I was able to quickl... Read More »
  • Overpromised and under delivered for $1975 and 13 months. Represented themselves to me as an authorized representative of Lifestyles Unlimited Real... Read More »
  • The place looks great! no complaints whatsoever. appreciate the rapid communication and responses to all my questions…..y’all really knocked it out... Read More »
  • Used their service to move all the things in my new apartment. They were very responsive and came very fast. Strongly recommend!! Read More »
  • These guys did a commendable job. Had a great experience with them. They were very helpful and dexterous. I had a leakage in my water tank. I found... Read More »
  • Thank you Mathew Ayabarreno for the educational experience you gave me. I now feel more confident in my retirement goals. Chelsey Jenkins you made... Read More »
  • I had my documents translated from German to English and they did a great job in a short time. Also I had difficulties to trust as there are so man... Read More »
  • Sono sodisfatta di questo negozio. Mi è sempre arrivato il ordine. Sempre in tempo giusto. Posso parlare solo di quello che mi è arrivato a me. Pro... Read More »
  • I Loved how fast the service was. Terrell R was extremely professional. I will 100% recommend Emerald Locksmith to my social media platforms. Thank... Read More »
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